AutoShutdown 1.2.45

AutoShutdown 1.2.45: Shutdown your computer automatically at a time period you choose. AutoShutdown lets you define different types of time schedule. It can automatic shut down system after a setted specified amount of time. You may also set a exact date time for the shutdown action. AutoShutdown can secure your computer. AutoShutdown can help reduce your energy bills, even more so for larger companies and institutions with a greater number of computers. AutoShutdown is a free software, you could download and use it free of charge.

AutoShutdown 5.0: Comprehensive system shutdown manager for Windows.
AutoShutdown 5.0

AutoShutdown is a Windows system shutdown manager. The software provides unattended control for a Windows PC: shutdown, restart, logoff, standby or hibernate your computer based on date/time, idle computer time, hot keys or a manually triggered command. AutoShutdown can also monitor battery level in a notebook computer and act while there is still power available. Systems running Windows 2000 and XP can have AutoShutdown also automatically lock the

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